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Escape The Casino Board Game

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60 minutes... 5 immersive rooms...1 ticking bomb...
In a puzzling mix of virtual and physical worlds, can you escape the casino?

Put aside what you think you know about standard table-top games and mobile apps. Escape the Casino innovatively fuses these two gaming worlds together, creating an immersive 21st century game that brings people together.

Teamwork, lateral thinking and observation skills are key in this digitally interactive experience. You have 60 minutes to traverse the board, studying the intriguing props and collecting codes. You’ll then use these codes found amongst the physical props within the app to unlock the virtual rooms and hopefully escape the casino before the times runs out!

Escape the Casino brings all the exciting drama of a real escape room into your front room. With a thrilling variety of games and puzzles you and your friends will need to work together to solve them all as quickly as possible….the time is ticking!

After your game box has arrived you will find your username and password on the inside of the box lid. You need to download “Escape the Casino” from the app store or google play and then enter your details in. Please do this before your guests arrive. Once you have successfully entered your details its time to start setting up the board and all the props.

The game is live, therefore you will need a good internet connection and a tablet to play the app on.

Make sure your tablet is fully charged and the volume is turned up. If you manage to escape the casino in time make sure to come back and see if your team made it onto our top 10 leader board. Good luck!